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The Big Payback Slots: How to Watch and Learn from a Slot Machine Expert

the big payback slots

If you are a fan of online slot machines, you may have heard of The Big Payback, a YouTube channel that features videos of a slot machine enthusiast playing various slots and winning big jackpots. The Big Payback is one of the most popular and influential slot machine channels on YouTube, with over 500,000 subscribers and over 800 million views. We will tell you more about The Big Payback slots, how to watch and learn from his videos, and what are some of the best slots he has played.

Who is The Big Payback?

The Big Payback is the online alias of Tim, a slot machine lover who showcases videos of himself playing slot machines at different casinos around the world. Tim started his channel in 2014 and has since uploaded over 3,000 videos of him playing various slots, from penny slots to high-limit slots. Tim’s goal is to share his passion and excitement for slot machines with his viewers and to inspire them to have fun and win big.

Tim is not a professional gambler or a slot machine expert. He is just an ordinary guy who enjoys playing slots as a hobby. He does not claim to have any secret strategies or tricks to beat the slots. He plays with his own money and does not accept any sponsorship or endorsement from any casino or slot manufacturer. He plays for entertainment and education purposes only and does not encourage anyone to gamble irresponsibly.

How to Watch and Learn from The Big Payback Slots?

One of the reasons why The Big Payback slots are so popular is that they are very entertaining and informative. Tim’s videos are not just about showing off his wins, but also about explaining how the slots work, what are the bonus features, what are the odds, and what are the best bets. He also gives honest reviews and opinions about the slots he plays, as well as tips and advice for other slot players.

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If you want to watch and learn from The Big Payback slots, you can follow these steps:

What are Some of the Best Slots He Has Played?

Tim has played thousands of different slots over the years, but some of them stand out as his favorites or his most memorable ones. Here are some of the best slots he has played:


The Big Payback slots are a great source of entertainment and education for online slot machine fans. Tim’s videos show you how to play various slots and win big jackpots with his passion and enthusiasm. You can watch and learn from his videos by subscribing to his YouTube channel TheBigPayback – Slot Machine Videos and visiting his website Slot Videos from The Big Payback. You can also try out some of the best slots he has played, such as Dragon’s Way, Hexbreaker 2, and Mammoth Thunder. Remember to have fun and play responsibly!

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